WTF Herbal Incense Review: Everything You Need to Know

Herbal incense has been around for years but has steadily been increasing in popularity recently. These products are often sold under names such as spice, K2, herbal smoking blends, or herbal incense, but despite this, the name does not reflect how the products are actually used. Instead of burning the herbs as incense, teenagers and adults smoke the herbal blends to get high, which is said to provide a similar feeling as marijuana. Unlike marijuana, however, each brand of herbal incense is unique in the type of effects that the user will experience.

One of the most popular brands of herbal incense is sold under the name “WTF.” Legal in all 50 states, this is by far one of the most common brands of herbal smoking spice that parents and teens will encounter. This article will discuss the effects of the herbal incense in detail to better educate the public on what to look for when it comes to this form of synthetic marijuana.




WTF herbal incense comes in both a 10 gram and a 4 gram bag. The bag itself is brown and holographic. It features an Arabic man sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankle. His eyes are visibly bloodshot as he stares off to the side and realizes he has no toilet paper. A poster featuring the words “Cuba” appear behind him.  It’s this slightly confusing design that has earned the herbal incense the name “WTF.”

The herbal blend itself is light and fluffy. This differentiates it from other brands which tend to be more dry and crumbly. WTF herbal incense also contains several stems, which while smokeable, are often discarded due to how poorly they burn.


WTF herbal smoking spice is one of the few brands that is legal in all 50 states. This is even after the recent 2013 bill was passed to ban chemical ingredients which were deemed unsafe. Because WTF herbal incense doesn’t contain any of these harmful ingredients, the brand remains legal.

The ingredients include tussilago farfara, althaea officinalis, turnera diffusa, verbascum thapsus, and artemsia vulgaris. This brand does not contain any of the illegal JWH chemicals.


WTF herbal blend is suppose to mimic the effects of marijuana, but when smokers were asked about their experience with the product, all of them stated that WTF incense was significantly stronger than marijuana. This brand is also noted for being a “downer” rather than an “upper”. Again, this differentiates it from other brands. Smokers reported that their bodies felt heavy and they had the desire to sleep or be couch bound after consuming the product.

Another extremely common side effect of WTF herbal incense was sudden hunger, also known as the munchies. The desire to eat was so strong that long term smokers often gained weight due to their strong desire to consuming sweets.

Increased sense of sound and creativity were also reported. WTF herbal incense is also noted as being a brand that will draw users inward into their own mind. On the negative side, paranoia and confusion were commonly reported. In high doses, temporary sedation and mild to moderate hallucinations were reported. Unlike similar brands, increased heart rate was not reported.

It’s important to note that while some of these side effects can be scary, they are all temporary and will wear off as soon as the herbal smoking blend wears off. Many parents immediately rush their teens to the emergency room after witnessing these scary effects only to have them make a full recovery an hour or so later.

How Long it Lasts

WTF herbal smoking spice doesn’t last as long as other brands. Typically the effects of the brand will last around 20 minutes, though first time smokers have reported feeling stoned for as long as 40 minutes. Tolerance to WTF herbal incense is also built up extremely quickly. Smoking it daily will result in a much shorter duration than if the product is smoked occasionally.


The current taste and smell of WTF herbal incense is most commonly compared to catnip. Many smokers report that it’s extremely unpleasant at first, but that they eventually grew use to it. The catnip smell of the smoke often lingers in the air as well.

The WTF herbal smoking spice brand is most known for it’s ‘original’ flavor, but the company is beginning to release fruit flavors as well. These new flavors have yet to be released.


Because there are so many brands of herbal smoking spice, they are ranked on a scale of mild, moderate, strong, and dangerously strong. It’s important to note that this is in comparison to other herbal incense brands, not marijuana. Even the weakest brand of smoking incense has been found to be significantly stronger than marijuana.

Due to the mild to moderate hallucinations that were reported with WTF herbal incense, the brand is considered to be of moderate to strong strength.


There aren’t any long term side effects of using WTF herbal incense, but many of the chemicals used in herbal smoking spice have yet to be studied. That being said, the product does have a slight addition level, which earns WTF incense a safety rating of potentially dangerous.

Addiction Level

Not all brands of herbal spice are addictive, but WTF incense does have a mild to moderate addiction level. Many smokers reported feeling a moderate to strong desire to continue smoking as the ‘high’ begins to wear off, which is why the product has the potential to be dangerous. This desire to smoke typically fades away after a few hours, though it may linger for days with heavy smokers.

Withdrawal Effects

The WTF herbal smoking blend does have some mild withdrawal effects with the most common being irritability. These effects typically last a few days and occur even if individual are weaned off the product.


Those over 18 are often able to purchase the WTF smoking blend in their own town. Many gas stations and head shops carry this form of herbal incense. Most reputable sellers will ID the buyer first, as it’s illegal to sell WTF herbal incense to a minor. That being said, there are many instances when the buyer isn’t IDed, or if they are, a fake ID is presented.

WTF herbal incense can also be purchased online from several online retailers. In an effort to reduce the sales to minors, all retailers now require a credit or debit card as payment. This makes it a harder brand to purchase online, as PayPal accounts are no longer accepted.

A few online retailers also accept cash as payment for WTF herbal spice. The cash can either be mailed directly to the company selling it or given to the FedEx worker when the product is delivered. If the ladder, the buyer must be IDed before paying.

Who is it Marketed to?

While there are many teenagers who use WTF herbal smoking spice to get high, the product is typically marketed to young adults. Most teens are more likely to smoke brands such as Orgazmo, Scooby Snax, or Geeked Up as these brands not only come in fruit flavors, but also have eye catching cartoon like designs.


While stronger brands can be found, WTF spice remains dangerous enough to cause unpleasant side effects, especially with inexperienced users.

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4 Responses to WTF Herbal Incense Review: Everything You Need to Know

  1. succubus says:

    I enjoy all spice. I have never had a bad expierence with any synthetic.

  2. Tony says:

    This is a lie i tried this before only took one small hit about a minute later i used my inhailor but it didnt help my heart rate skyrockeded and i had a mild heart attack luckily i recovered and was rushed to the emergency room later i was diagnosed with heart palpitations, anxiety, hypotension, panic attacks and my vision is really messed up i figured everything would be ok the next day but i had to go back to the er the next day these effects have been going on for 3 1/2 months now this stuff really ruined my life

  3. Benjamin says:

    This shit gave me one of the worst allergic reactions I’ve ever had… like, flu-like symptoms. Don’t buy it from anywhere, buy BIzarro instead… from, that’s the only legitimate site to buy from anymore.

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