Zencense’s New Bizarro Incense Herbal Smoking Spice Review

Bizarro incense is one of the most popular brands of synthetic marijuana. Not only is it cheap to buy and available in several tasty flavors, but it’s also said to give users a much stronger and interesting high. The package of Bizarro incense is a black bag with the company’s purple diamond ‘S’ logo in the middle. The words “Bizarro” are located in the middle of the bag with the packaged amount and flavor on alternating corners. This herbal spice is also sold under the name “zencense” or “spice.” With the product becoming so popular in the United States, I decided to ask users exactly what they thought of the product.

Supposed Effect And Legal Status: Just as other brands, Bizarro is said to mimic the use of marijuana. Unlike other brands, Bizarro is also said to give users a much stronger and more ‘bizarre’ trip with mild hallucinations. This incense is illegal in Louisiana, Georgia, Vermont, and Indiana but can be purchased from other states fairly easily.

Safety: Bizarro incense is known for the strong and sudden effects. For first time users, this experience can be extremely frightening. Bizarro is also one of the stronger brands of synthetic marijuana, all of which are significantly stronger than regular marijuana. If too much Bizarro is smoked, the user can become very paranoid and sick. Reports of smokers feeling like “they’re dead” after using the drug are also common, and because of this, smokers are urged to proceed with caution. The good news is that all of these side effects are only temporary.

How To Buy It: Bizarro incense is one of the most popular brands of incense blends. It can be found in thousands of head shops and gas stations around the world. It’s even more commonly found online and sold from dozens of different websites which ship worldwide. All of these locations require that the buyer be 18+, and the majority of buyers reported that they were asked for their ID before purchase.

Price: With the cheaper blends costing as little as $7 and the more expensive as much as $60, this brand falls right in the middle of the price scale by costing around $15 for a 1.5g bag. The next size up, 3.5g, can also be purchased for between $25 to $30, and the largest size, 10g, can be bought for between $50 to $60.

How To Take It: Bizarro incense is smoked either in a joint or a pipe. Unlike the Avalanche/Orgazmo brands, Bizarro incense has large enough pieces that it won’t fall through a pipes hole, making it much easier to smoke. There are some reports that users can get high by eating the drug, but this is strongly discouraged as it is not safe for the body.

Appearance: As stated above, Bizarro incense looks closer to actual marijuana than any other brand of synthetic weed. This is because the brand looks more like chunks of a plant rather than small leaves that have been thrown into a bag. Users also say that Bizarro comes with a decent amount of stems, which is considered a bad thing for smokers.

Ingredients: Bizarro zencense contain marshmallow leaf, damiana, red clover herb, mullein, and flavoring.

Taste: While there are several brands of herbal incense that are cheaper than Bizarro, this brand is the first to offer multiple tasty options. Prior to Bizarro, the Avalanche/Orgazmo brand offered three taste options, but only one was desired by smokers. Bizarro, on the other hand, offers blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and lime flavor. These taste give the smoke a slightly sugary taste as it is inhaled and lasts throughout the first several hits. Overall, the flavoring is reported as being much better than Avalanche/Orgazmo. Unfortunately, the flavor of the smoke doesn’t change the scent. One of the most common complaints about this product was that the smoke smelt too strongly.

How Long Does It Last: The length of the effects depend on how long the smoker has been doing the product. Beginners should take very small hits and can expect their buzz to last anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. Regular users of the product can expect a much shorter length of about 20 minutes.

Actual Effects: Bizarro incense is said to get you extremely high. The effects of this product hit much harder and faster than any other brands. The ‘high’ is different feeling than just marijuana as well, as Bizarro acts a mild hallucinogen. Users can expect to see moving light, dancing dots, or other mild images that aren’t really there. Some users have reported hearing things as well, and feeling a buzzing sensation throughout their entire body. It’s this “bizarre” trip that has earned the brand it’s name.

Side Effects: Since Bizarro incense is such a strong product, there are many negative side effects if the user smokes too much. Paranoia, twitching, feeling cold, numb, sick, or scared are all common side effects while high. These effects usually only last around 10 minutes before the ‘pleasurable’ high sets in. Once there, users can expect a much stronger ‘downer’ effect; that is, they’ll want to lay down, watch TV, or simply go to sleep. The high wears off very fast and provides users with no long term side effects.Users also report having a much stronger desire to consume food, known as the ‘munchies,’ on this product than other brands.

Withdrawal Effects: There are no known withdrawal effects, though users who smoke Bizarro incense are said to smoke more often than those who use the cheaper brands.

Overall: Bizarro incense is considered “the best of the cheapest.” Not only are the effects stronger than any other cheap brand, but the sweet flavoring also makes the product perfect for those who are just getting the hang of smoking. Users just need to remember that Bizarro incense is a very strong product that can cause many negative side effects if too much is smoked at any given time.

What do you think about Bizarro? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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73 Responses to Zencense’s New Bizarro Incense Herbal Smoking Spice Review

  1. Lul Khan says:

    Please do not buy cheap fake herbal blend because you gonna end up in hospital. I buy geneone and top notch sh*t from strongestherbalincense.com every week.

    • traviskozlowski says:

      i’ve been trying to get started cuz the 10g bags for 50 are draining my account funds i buy a 10g every day but i want to start ordering online how do i order safely? can i get it sent to my house without fear of getting arrested? please help

      • spicefaq says:

        What state are you in? For the most part, yes, you can get it sent to your home legally, as Bizarro is still 50 state legal at the moment. HOWEVER, you’re going to have a hard time finding 10g for less than $50. Like Lul Khan suggested, strongestherbalincense.com is a great company, but the prices can get expensive, and Bizarro tends to sell out a lot.

        Spiceworld420.com is another option. Price may still be an issue, but they offer buy one get one free deals sometimes too.

        One of our favorite blends comes from peacefulmindllc.com, which is a fairly new company that offers coupon codes and other promotions weekly. Their cheapest blend is $3.99 for 1 gram and we found it to be just as enjoyable as Bizarro if not more so. All their blends are 50 state legal too, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting arrested. They also add extras to your order if you’re referred, so let them know we sent you if you go that route.

        All three of these sites won’t ship to your state if the blend you’re requesting isn’t legal there. That’s what sets them apart from the other sites on the market (such as IncenseToday.net)

        Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

      • traviskozlowski says:

        whats that one like could you please compare the high to bizarro for me

      • traviskozlowski says:

        i would really really like to try this one you talking about but im just worried it wont be bizarro quality please help

      • spicefaq says:

        Absolutely. Bizarro is what we consider ‘next generation’, meaning it’s almost always stronger than any blends you’ll find on the market, unless you happen to live in a state with strict laws (new, stronger products tend to be found in the strictest states because the formulas are always new/changing)

        All of Peaceful Mind’s products are also what we consider to be next generation. This basically means that, like Bizarro, it’s a much trippier experience then pot alone would give you. Our favorite blend from the company is the blend that it’s named after, Peaceful Mind. This is the weakest of their blends, but very similar to Bizarro. When burned, the effects hit you at once and last about an hour for those who have a tolerance to the blend, and 3+ hours to those who don’t. It’s more of a mental, social, ‘high’ then a body high, which Bizarro also is. When a larger amount is burned (and we suggest you start small), it can transport you to another world of peace and bliss, which is where it gets it’s name. The visuals that many users report experiencing with Bizarro can also be experienced with the Peaceful Mind blend too.

        Peaceful Mind LLC also carries other, stronger blends that are more expensive, but still reasonably priced. We haven’t tested all of these blends yet, which is the only reason why we haven’t put up a detailed review of the company yet. HOWEVER, we’re currently working on a list of the five strongest herbal blends we’ve found, and as of right now, we have Optical Illusion (Another Peaceful Mind product) as number one on our list and Bizarro as number two. That one sells for $9.99 a gram. We almost find it too strong though, and only recommend it for very experienced users. It’s the second strongest blend the company offers (we haven’t tried the first).

        If you’re going to make a purchase through this company, it’s worth noting that every Friday is Freebie Friday. All orders over $10 will have extras (usually an additional gram of a random product) added to your order. The company also offers double Tuesdays, where all orders placed on Tuesdays are doubled. The owner of the site just got back from vacation, so there might be some slight delay in shipping due to back orders, but for the most part, we would highly recommend the company as it’s one of our favorites. We doubt even the biggest Bizarro fan would be disappointed with their products.

        If you do try them out, be sure to let us know what you think!

      • traviskozlowski says:

        i placed an order with them for $80 on tuesday hoping my order would be doubled but they have still not gotten back to me to let me know if my order would be doubled or not … i was trusting you on the double tuesdays thing

      • spicefaq says:

        I guarantee your order will be doubled if not more so. There’s been some delays getting everything shipped because of back order since the site owner was on vacation, but everything should be shipped out today. We’re also waiting on an order and got the tracking number last night. Last time there was a delay like this, our order was tripled (and it wasn’t placed on double Tuesday) upgraded to overnight shipping, and we received several 50% off codes for future use. I’m not sure what the company will be doing to make up for this delay, but they do always make up for it. What’s your name and state you’re in? We’ll personally get in touch with the site owner and make sure your order is right and that you’re properly compensated.

      • traviskozlowski says:

        im from new mexico and i placed the order with my girl so the name will either Jo Ann Kozlowski or travis Kozlowski im in albuquerque new mexico i also recieved tracking info but when i try to track it all it says is electronic shipping info recieved but does not say when the expectaed date of arrival will be… my email is travis.kozlowski@gmail.com if you would like to contact me there… what products are you waiting on if you dont mind me asking… and are you positive they will either double my order which was placed on tuesday or compensate for the delay in some other way?

      • traviskozlowski says:

        thanks a lot please let me know what you find out

      • traviskozlowski says:

        also you never told me which blend of theres was there most powerful … the one that was too strong you woldn’t reccomend it but to experienced users… you never told me the name and i reall really wanted to try that kind which kind was that one?

      • Travis Kozlowski says:

        well please let me know if you find out anything i had told them i had been refferred to them by your website/review i believe if that helps any

      • spicefaq says:

        The site owner has told me that your order will be correctly doubled and compensated, though he didn’t mention exactly how you’d be compensated. In the past, this has always been by the addition of free products. He usually either adds extra grams to your order or adds an additional blend depending on what’s in stock. I would think that since your order was so big, you would receive more extras than those with smaller orders, though that’s just a guess. We always place small orders, ($10 – $20), usually once a week, so we’re speaking from that experience. He’s big on making up for any delays though. There’s also usually (but not always) coupon coded included with your purchase so you’ll get a discount on any future orders. When there isn’t, there’s usually a big sale once all the orders have been caught up. Your order was shipped out today and you should expect your tracking number to update within 24 hours.

        We’re personally waiting on an order of the Peaceful Mind blend. We placed ours on ‘Freebie Friday’ last week, and that usually comes with an additional blend of the stronger Dark Matter or TRIP3D blend, although a lot of times our order of Peaceful Mind is doubled instead because the site owner knows that’s our favorite blend.

        The blend we were referring too as too strong was Optical Illusions, which is the second strongest. In order of weakest to strongest, the blends are: Peaceful Mind (weakest, but very similar to Bizarro), Dark Matter, Mystical Illusions, TRIP3D, Optical Illusions, and Question Mark (?) (strongest). If you ordered any of the three strongest blends, PLEASE proceed with caution. We’ve never tried Question Mark because Optical Illusion knocked us flat on our ass and we have a tolerance to the product because we’ve been ordering for nearly a year now. We use a one-hitter to measure out how much of the product to burn on our burner (since it’s not for human consumption) and that’s more than enough for the weakest blend of Peaceful Mind. Since you don’t have a tolerance to it, (the chemicals are different then Bizarro, so any tolerance to that won’t matter), you should start slow and work your way up. The effects should be felt immediately, but definitely within a minute of burning. Be warned though, we find even the weakest blend to be very trippy at times and we’re by no means beginners when it comes to herbal blends.

        It’s also worth noting that if you start to build a tolerance to the product, take a break for a few days (three is more than enough) and the tolerance will be gone. That’s one of the reasons we like these blends.

      • Travis Kozlowski says:

        cool yeah i ordered peacful minds optical illusions and questionmark i have a severe tolerence since ive been using bizarro everyday for about 3 years. to the pont bizarro dont even give me any effects it just makes me feel normal and not anxious… i am really looking forward to trying to questionmark because i have been trying to find something stronger than bizarro for any extremely long time that being said. i order 14 g-pm 4 g-oi and 1g qm which should i try first it is for myself my mom and my older bro so i dont want to endanger them should i try it alone first( we always do bizarro together) or should they be fine

      • spicefaq says:

        I’d definitely recommend trying to weaker blends first and working your way up to the stronger blends. This way you’ll be able to get a feel for the product before diving into something that might be too strong, especially since Bizarro and Peaceful Mind LLC use different chemicals. That was one of the downsides to Bizarro, was that once tolerance built, you had to take a much longer break from the product before it went down again.

        If you start out with Peaceful Mind, you should be fine smoking with friends/family. You seem like a fairly advanced user when it comes to herbal blends, so I doubt you’d have any of the freak outs that newbies tend to have when they try the product. I’m not sure if the same is true with your family, but just remember that you can always increase the amount burned, but you can never unburn it, if that makes since. Once the effects are felt, you have to ride them out. But Peaceful Mind LLC is a safe company and none of the customers that we’ve spoken to have ever had any negetive long term effects.

        You’ll have to let us know what you think of Question Mark for sure. Really, all the products, but we’ve always been curious what question mark is like. Definitely don’t drive while on the product though. When we tried Optical Illusion, it lived up to it’s name (All the blends do), so be sure to be in a safe and stable envirment when you first try the product.

        Our shipping number updated last night and our products are suppose to be here by Tuesday. We paid for faster shipping and are across the country from Peaceful Mind LLC, but yours should be getting there sometime next week.

        Also, if you hadn’t heard, the company will be having a 50% off sale tomorrow to make up for the delays.They haven’t released the promo code yet, but I’ll post it here when they do if you’re interested.

      • Travis Kozlowski says:

        definately i will let you know.. i dont drive at all so i will be home in a safe environment for all the first time burns but i will definately let you know i feel like i am closer in location to this company as i am in new mexico and they seem to be right next door in arizona will this make my order arrive faster i still have not gotten an update on my tracking all it say is that the electronic shipping info was recieve 2-27

      • spicefaq says:

        you’ll definitely get the product faster than most since you’re in a nearby state. It usually takes 5 to 6 days without faster shipping for us to get ours, but we’re about as far across the country as you can get, which is why we pay the extra $7 for faster shipping. Has your tracking number updated yet? Ours is showing that its in our city, but it won’t be delivered till tomorrow since its Sunday.

        The 50 percent off code for the website is PMLLCSORRY50 and is valid today only.

      • Travis Kozlowski says:

        mine did update and says it was shipped out of the sorting facillity in wisconsin and it says it will be here tuesday im out of money so i can’t use the code .. too bad for me i guess

      • Travis Kozlowski says:

        mine just updated and says it departed the sort facility in my town but it isnt expected to arrive till tommorrow i dont know why. you got anything yet?

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 1:27 PM, Travis Kozlowski wrote:

        > mine did update and says it was shipped out of the sorting facillity in > wisconsin and it says it will be here tuesday im out of money so i can’t > use the code .. too bad for me i guess > > > >

      • traviskozlowski says:

        which sites are safe to order from with credit card to get delivered to new mexico?

      • spicefaq says:

        We got ours today. We got several grams more than we ordered, but wow, this is the strongest it’s ever been. We’re majorly impressed. We noticed the effects are lasting much longer too. Definitely let us know if yours is the same.

        Did you get any particular scent? We got methol and could smell it through the packaging, and it was in two evelopes. We also got a note that said there’s going to be an upcoming 40% off sale soon.

  2. Siearra says:

    With drawal effects, I get BITCHY!!!!!

  3. derrick says:

    How can u get it

  4. NONYA says:


  5. Louie says:

    I smoked bizarro for 2 years it is the best that I’ve ever had and I am looking for the newest generation of it because we can no longer get it in Virginia. Anywayz, it will get u higher than a fuckin Japanese kite. but there ARE withdraws. i smoked about 7 grams a day, lost 50 pounds in 6 months and got stomach ulcers. couldn’t eat a meal without being in crippling pain. it takes a while to see side-effects, but they’re there. be careful. use sparingly. I’ve reduced my intake to 1g a day and now im much better.

  6. Jamie says:

    This stuff needs to be taken off the market, I’ve smoked a lot of different kinds of incense in the past few years and this stuff is for the birds!! My brother had to be taken to the hospital after one hit, he stopped breathing and was having a sezure’s please don’t try this brand it might kill u

  7. Kylo says:

    Bizzaro is the best hands down. Mmmm cherry flavor. Definitely one of the stronger blends I have smoked fat joints of this and seen some colors and had auditory hallucinations of dubstep playing loudly somewhere just out of reach. No complaints this is a great blend just wish I could find it at the price I used to: 16$ an eighth 35 for the 10 gs…

  8. justin says:

    When I did it for the first time and im a cronic smoker for reals but the first bowl I hit I got so high that I had munchies this product is my fav of all of them 7h dont even compare

  9. Chad says:

    http://www.tailormadeandmore.com/shop-online.php#!/~/category/id=6944016&offset=0&sort=normal is where I ordered my Bizarro latest.. and let me tell you.. it was AWESOME! This stuff really gets the job done, when it’s rare and hard to find a good Bizarro blend lately, these guys nailed it. You can order and have it shipped to your door, 5 stars from me!!!

  10. tyler says:

    Shut up o holier than thou people like you shoulndnt even b allowed to post comments

  11. Chelsea says:

    this stuff is bad bad bad its need to be taken away from every store there is ..

  12. ethan says:

    i almost died

  13. Jamie says:

    We loved this until I watched my husband turn blue and was paralyzed completely until he went into violent puking episodes. I was one of those people that was skeptical of the skeptics…..never again….please DONT smoke this or let people you love smoke it!!

    • spicefaq says:

      This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that exact complaint. This seems to be how the body reacts when you overdose.

      • Carlton says:

        Hey Spicefaq, Is that what you are calling it? Overdose? Are you kidding me? I have seen and heard of persons taking ONE hit of this crap and end up in the hospital! You are promoting a product that is laced with chemicals you ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF. How irresponsible is that? DO NOT SMOKE THIS CRAP UNLESS YOU WANT TO TAKE A CHANCE ON ENDING UP IN THE HOSPITAL OR WORSE.

      • traviskozlowski says:

        this stuff is awful a total waste of time and oney

  14. alex says:

    This stuff is fucking up my life as I know it I just don’t know how to stop I fean for this product n now just want to stop before it completely ruins my life as of right now it has me cramping in my abdomen and much worse then that after using this product it’s more of a stronger more addicting high closer to pcp then weed not good stay away have any comments on quiting plz leave a reply

    • spicefaq says:

      They recently revamped the formula to make it 50 state legal, and yes, it is MUCH stronger now. More like LCD then weed.

      If you’re looking to quit, the best advice we can give you is to FORCE yourself to slow down. We’ve heard lots of people have had luck with this method, but the trick is you really have to force yourself. You will go through withdrawal and feel like hell, but after a few days, it gets A LOT easier.

      Some tips we can give you to force yourself to slow down:

      Mix the blend with another type of plant matter, such as marshmallow leaf. This makes the high weaker, helping to wean yourself down. Start by mixing 50/50, then increase the good plant matter and decrease the bad herbal blend.

      Hide the product from yourself. Split the packaging up so you have 20 or 30 smaller bags that just have a pinch of the product in it. Then have someone else hide these bags around your house. Or, if you’re old enough, get drunk and hide them from yourself. You don’t want to know where the bags are though, otherwise you’ll just burn through them as fast as you would if it were in one bag.

      Another method people have had A LOT of luck with is to dump out the product and take a shirt or towel (something that’s kind of furry so the leaves get stuck to it) and roll the cloth in the leaves. At first, you’ll be able to yank the leaves off no problem and smoke a bowl. As you start to run out of product on the cloth though, you’ll have to work more and more to find leaves that are still stuck to the cloth. Towards the end, you’ll have to spend an hour+ searching for leaves on the cloth before you’re able to get high. After a while, working that hard just for a few minutes of bliss isn’t worth it.

      I realize a lot of these quitting methods sound extreme, but we’ve had lots of people write to us telling us that this was the only way they could quit.

      We’d also recommend switching to something else to smoke while you’re weaning yourself off the product. Weed is good if it’s legal where you are, but expect to have a high tolerance at first. Blue lotus mixed with marshmallow leaf is another legal alternative. It’ll help to relax you and give you the feeling that you’re smoking, which is what a lot of people crave. Cigarettes work too, but obviously you don’t want to switch one bad habit with another if you don’t already smoke.

      I hope that helps. Good luck and let us know how things go!

    • Herb says:

      We deliver the best bizarro for only $10 per gram!

    • Taylor says:

      i am the same fucking way. i can’t get enough of the pcp like stuff.. can’t stop .. sticks and stones may break my bones but spice will end my life. lol .

  15. Herb says:

    Purchase this at HerbalSmoke.Storenvy.com

  16. FLEGAL says:

    I get heartburn…

  17. cathrus says:

    They sell it where I live for $20 for 100
    Its a good brand of spice too

    • traviskozlowski says:

      $20 for 100 what definately not 100 grams right. im paying $50 for a 10g everyday and it is killing me financially so im trying to figure out how to get mine cheaper or make it if its safe

      • traviskozlowski says:

        so i got fucked my order never shipped this is a scam lost so much money to this site

  18. mills says:

    is the 10g as potent in aromatacity as the 1.5 or 3g? wondering if im getting a discount or stepped on

    • Travis Kozlowski says:

      i only got 5g more than ordered my order was not close to doubled so im scared to order today but i need to but it was good stuff i jumped right into questionmark first and that stuff aint for no chumps thats for sure

  19. John Dolce says:

    I just tried some Bizarrofrom http://www.cosmicincense.com for the first time today. I enjoyed it. I kind of just felt really stoned. I didnt try a lot at 1 time though. I rolled up a decent size blunt and a decent sized joint and took 3 or 4 nice hits at a time. I might up the dosage and blow another whole J in a little bit. Im also waiting for an order from peacefulmindsllc.com. 4 g of peaceful mind and 1 g of optical illusion. im a little scared of the optical illusion cause i only tried spice 1 time before today, but im not a newbie when it comes to recreational drugs so i think i can handle it.

  20. John Dolce says:

    You said earlier that you used a one hitter to measure out how much peaceful mind to put on your burner. Is that what youd burn for a session? a one hitter? if so how much optical illusion would you measure out? i been measuring out like 3 or four nice blunt hits worth of the Bizarro and been cool, so what do you think?

  21. yeahnjjs says:

    I want to know the three strongest herbal incenses, can you tell me where to buy them aswell? post the link below

  22. Ac1d says:

    I buy all my Bizarro’s from LegalHerbalBud.com. They are awesome, cheap and ships it to me for free fast and quick. A+++

  23. Jennifer says:

    Apart from this Non-digital vaporizers these are known as as traditional smoking devices.
    There are a couple of intravenous catheters,
    tourniquets, alcohol swabs and ECG pads found on this
    particular tray. These strategies do NOT work simply because they fail to
    create real understanding.

  24. hoonze says:

    I ordered 3.5 grams of Bizarro from http://www.legalherbalbud.com and it looks like the product will come in a clear zip lock bag with the word Aroma above the name. Does this sound like a copycat/ripoff blend? Or is it just different packaging from Zencense?

    • Benjamin says:

      Considering that this site also sells Orgazmo, another official Zencense product, I’m willing to bet it’s legitimate. I’ve gotten Bizarro from the same retailer in both style of bags.

  25. Benjamin says:

    Thanks for the mystic wisdom on Peaceful Mind LLC, Spicefaq! These kind of wonderful little companies need to have their name heard. If you have any other suggestions like this, shoot us a comment!

  26. alaya says:

    I smoke a 10g bag a day everyday for the past 2 years. I have the worst side effects . I throw up blood every morning and everynight. It’s so badly addictive I cannot stop it has hospitalized me on numerous occasions. Always constant anger and i still can’t stop. I’m in love with bizarro because I’m so badly addicted. My brother is a crack addict turned to heroin and he steals anything to sell for his drugs and bizarro has gotten me to that same point. Pretty much what I’m saying is that it is way too good to be true. Horribly addicting not worth it in the long run. It’s only good for a once a month thingif you can’tfind any real drugs.

    • Benjamin says:

      I recommend you try going over some of the methods that spicefaqs has listed if you get any kind of withdrawal, but these are not typical side effects of Bizarro – it sounds to me like you might have a family rooted case of addictive personality. Smoking that much of any substance is simply not good for anyone, even if you’re a frequent recreational smoker – if you don’t overdose on the substance, the smoke will do its’ damage regardless.

  27. alaya says:

    Oh and btw the 10 g is the same potency as the others but I get mine from a headshop for $35.00 . It always weighs at least 12 grams or more.

  28. Taylor says:

    ehh this stuff is OK. worked the first time and the rat of the bag was pretty much useless.. It is cheap tho so you do get a decent high for the price.. i like the really strong trippy spices but after a few shops closed down i havnt been able to find any good stuff.. since they were not in a labeled bag i can’t find it online. but this stuff is alright.

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